Sunday, November 27, 2011

Installation View

Ok, it's all over. I'm beginning to recover from one hectic and stressful year!

This is my final selected works, a culmination of visual and theoretical research, experimentation and many hours searching for what it is that drives my artwork.

It's called " Once Upon a Horror" ; a visual exploration of symbolism and the unconscious in classic European fairy tales.

The title is more of a pun, there's no real horror, just an underlying anxiety and disquiet like a buzzing in your ears. The oil paintings kind of play around with traditional portraiture and the watercolours draw on story book illustration from my childhood.

The picture quality is not the best but I intend to upload some better quality pics in the coming weeks.

2011; what a crazy year.

- Jenny

p.s. Images courtesy the artist. Photographed at Liverpool St. Gallery. Special thanks to Phillip Lesty for his expertise with a hammer.