Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miss Fruzsi

This lovely lady has a sale on. She's super talented and a really hard worker ; she inspires me all the time, so check out her etsy store and grab a bargain!

-Jenny xx

In the Studio Lately

Thought I would share some progress shots of various things :) The last image of a wolf is inspired by the pen drawings of George Cruikshank. I've been in the process of making a small collection of books, with pen drawings and a fairy tale I've been working on called "The Juniper Wolf". I'm really excited about it but I need to brush up on my pen skills! Hope to have it all finished by early 2013.
Merry Christmas!!!

-Jenny xx

Pics From All Stars

This show is still on for a few more days!!!

-Jenny xx

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Stars @ Espionage

Can't believe 2012 is already over! It was also my first ever gap year as I went to university straight from high school; it felt weird not to have due dates! That being said, it has been a fantastic year and this upcoming show at Espionage is a great way to end with a bang :)

It is I believe the biggest show yet with a huge amount of artists and I'm so happy I can be among that list!
The above image is my work for the show, resting on the couch in my studio.
So come along and maybe buy some art for Christmas!

-Jenny xx

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peep Hole

Peep Hole, 2012, watercolour on paper, 9 X 6 cm .

Thought I’d share a little miniature watercolour I did one afternoon before the apple pie at Fonti (See Current exhibition: ‘Space Chickens Help Me Make Apple Pie’-Matthew Bradley at Fontanelle Gallery til the 28th of October). I liked the idea of someone peeping out of a frame and I’ve really wanted to do some miniature works for a while – Possible future series?

This is also a little sneak peek ( pun intended) for the upcoming Halloween show at These Walls Don’t Lie Gallery.

-Jenny xx

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm in this one!

-Jenny xx

New Frames!

New ( well actually old) frames I salvaged from many op shops :)

+ some shots of some new watercolours!

-Jenny xx

Fox Double Portrait Progress

Detail from a work in progress double portrait I'm working on currently with a fox and a girl. I am using a lot of burnt umber and Australian red gold among others at the moment.

-Jenny xx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Tomorrow at Espionage! About Face! It's going to be a good one! Feeling pretty chuffed to be with this group of artists :)


From the Sketchbook


Finally have some time to start work on something new. Wolf girl, future painting. xx

Thursday, September 6, 2012

About Face and Progress Pictures

Some progress shots and snippets of my painting for the upcoming exhibition at Espionage titled " About Face". Super excited about this one. The 2nd to last image is my initial drawing/ground to give an idea of my process for this work. Almost finished, woo!

-Jenny xx

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apocalyptic Cubby Houses and Pretty Prints

I have been meaning to post about this exhibition for a while. My reaction when I first saw the final product must have been funny; I was dumbstruck, it was crazy, my mouth was a large ‘O’ like a kid in a candy store. It reminded me of a giant explosion suspended in the space and it was like walking through a maze or some kind of destroyed apocalyptic cubby house. This project looked like it was a lot of fun to make and probably a whole lot of problem solving especially when you are battling gravity! It is definitely a must see while it is still on and also the prints in the adjoining back room, which are only $90 for unframed prints in an edition of 10 from some of the talented people who make Fontanelle what it is.
It is on til the 9th of September so check it out, the pictures do not do it justice !

-Jenny xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diana F+

Just thought I might share my new little hobby. I recently purchased my very own Diana F+! I’d seen some fantastic results with these cameras in particular I was inspired by some amazing shots by the talented miss Fruzsi ( check out these: So I decided to give it a go as I really liked the idea of all the mistakes, vignetting , double exposures and light leaks etc. So these are some from my first test roll of film shot around my home + my diana. Highly recommend, it's a lot of fun.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Open Studio

Fontanelle studios will be open for SALA on August 12th 11am - 4pm - Probably better get cleaning and prettifying :)
And also coming up at Fontanelle is Roy Ananda's 80 hour build!!! + in the project space, studio artists will have a selection of prints for sale!

For more details: ( this hasn't been entirely set up yet but there is pretty colours and you can join the mailing list :) )


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Melting Pot

SALA is almost here once again and I'm quite excited despite not actually doing anything this year - as I wanted to focus on my studio and making new works. Yet I did manage to put  some works in the members/SALA exhibition at the RSASA called " Into the Melting Pot".

 It is a huge amalgamation of all different types of works and definitely worth a look. I put in "Unrealities (Into the Woods)" and  "Untitled" a dead bird watercolour study, both pictured above.


Royal South Australian Society of the Arts

Level 1, Institute Building
Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave, Adelaide
Monday - Friday     10:30 - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday     1 - 4pm

22nd July - 19th August 2012

Happy SALA times!!!

-Jenny xx

Monday, July 16, 2012


This Thursday night, Espionage Gallery will be holding another great group show with a “wood” theme . After Gary Seaman’s amazing solo show this exhibition should be another fantastic one bringing together all sorts of artists who have worked with wood.

I only recently came to painting/drawing on wood, as I am extremely fond of canvas but it is quite refreshing and different. I found I could achieve much sharper lines and I liked the wood grain so much I decided to keep it in the background and make it a feature in these recent works.
The above image is a progress shot of a work I did for this particular show but if you want to see it in the flesh than you had better head down this Thursday!

From the event page:
Espionage Gallery Proudly Presents: Ingrained, A Group Exhibition of all works on wood.

For this exhibition Espionage Gallery asked 25 top artists to make works out of wood or paint something on wood. Quickly replacing the more traditional medium of canvas, artists are now turning their creative energy and talent towards this medium. The surface and texture provides endless scope of creative possibilities.

Opening Night Thursday July 19, 6pm at Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, (entrance off Lindes Lane)

Featuring works by
David Soukup (Chicago), Rebecca Murphy (Sydney), Zan Von Zed (Sydney), Jessica Bellman, Ellie Kammer, Jenny Allnutt, Gary Seaman, Fletch Cuts, Joshua Smith, Donovan Christie, Mustachio, Michael Carney, Kate Kowald, Jelena V, Josh Searson, Scatterbrain, Jayson Fox, Rem, Peter Fong, Lilian Choo, Hex 1, Tiff Rysdale, Amazonas, Jake One, Daybot, Steve O'Connor, Julian Lee

-Jenny xx


Monday, June 18, 2012

Youthscape 2012

So I popped into Eckersley’s one day on my way home to look at some watercolour paper and as you do I picked up lots of flyers and things, one in particular being the entry form for Youthscape. It was a week until the due date for entries and I thought ‘I know just the work that hasn’t been in an exhibition yet and might like to leave the lounge room for a little adventure’.   
Little did I realise that The Pheasant would win anything, but he actually took out the top prize!

I feel really lucky and grateful to have won this fabulous prize amongst many talented people and send my thanks to the RSASA Gallery, the sponsors who generously support this exhibition, the staff who put this show together for the young folk and all the artists involved.

Youthscape is on til the 15 th of July, so if you are down North Terrace you can pop in and take shelter from the rain and check out some cool work in a fabulous old building.

Youthscape 2012
RSASA Gallery
level 1 (upstairs) Institute Building
Cnr North Terrace
& Kintore Avenue,
Adelaide SA 5000