Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diana F+

Just thought I might share my new little hobby. I recently purchased my very own Diana F+! I’d seen some fantastic results with these cameras in particular I was inspired by some amazing shots by the talented miss Fruzsi ( check out these: So I decided to give it a go as I really liked the idea of all the mistakes, vignetting , double exposures and light leaks etc. So these are some from my first test roll of film shot around my home + my diana. Highly recommend, it's a lot of fun.



  1. Jenny, these are beautiful. I love this camera and the soft quality of the photographs. By the way so envious of your white one!

  2. Thanks sundari :) I thought of you and your work when I was taking photos, did you use a Diana during honors? Anyhow it's been a lot of fun and a learning experience!