Thursday, June 27, 2013

Polaroid ee100 Special Plus Bonus Cat

So I finally got around to getting some film for this camera! I seem to have started a camera collection without meaning to - Everyone keeps giving me old cameras that have been locked away and forgotten!

This is my newest addition given to me by my grandpa. My first shot didn't come out at all but after some googling I realised I had it on some thing for long exposures ( I'm a complete novice in regard to cameras so no camera speak here!). Second and third shot, which are the first photos here, were blurry and thats because I didn't have the bellows thingy fully brought forward. The next photo came out great but then the one of Percy didn't so much. Anyway I'm having fun and just wanted to share as this is my first ever venture with polaroid! Even though it cost heaps for film I definately recommend this camera. Lots of fun when you are battling a nasty cold!

That's all folks!

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